Secure Online Payroll Delivery System

Welcome to ArcelorMittal Repository Management System where you can login and view your Personal Pay Advise (E-payslip).

Click on the Login link below. Use your userID and your password to login and view your E-payslip
(Note: Should this be the first time you login, the system will prompt you to create your own personal password. Furthermore please take caution in the protection of your password, this is your own responsibility as this is very sensitive information that should not be viewed by anyone other than yourself)


 Forgotten/Change Password

If you are unable to login due to the fact that you have forgotten your password, please enter your Employee number, and click on "Reset Password", Should you wish to change your password, please enter your Employee number, and click on "Reset Password"

 Employee Number

Please ensure that your Employee number consist of 8 characters - should your Employee number be less, please fill it up with 0 (zero's) in front.


Should you disagree with the salary information or content of your E-payslip, please contact the Payroll Call Centre on 016 889 6777 (Please note: Senior Management to contact Sandra Murray on 016 889 4541)
Should you experience any problems accessing your E-payslip or any other technical issues with the system, please log a call with the Gijima Help Desk on 016 889 6116

 Security Notification

The ArcelorMittal Repository Management System (RMS) is intended strictly for use by registered users on the system who through a user name and password have access to their personal information only. Any attempt for any reason what so ever by a registered user, employee of ArcelorMittal and external parties to access any other parties' information on this system is a criminal offence in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2002. Any employee of ArcelorMittal who is in violation of this notification will face disciplinary action and possible criminal prosecution by ArcelorMittal. Email Connection reserves the right to take further action regardless of the action taken by ArcelorMittal. Any mistaken or unintentional access to unauthorized personal information, being all information that requires a specific user's access must be reported immediately to ArcelorMittal (internal auditors) and the session must be terminated immediately upon discovery of such an occurrence. Failure to take prompt action will be construed as an infringement of this notification. This system is fully audited and monitors all users on the ArcelorMittal RMS and will automatically notify ArcelorMittal Internal Auditor of suspicious behavior on the system.

I the user confirm that I have read the Security Notification and agree to the terms.


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